Broker Reports

    Sprott Equity Research | Site visit: a multi-billion asset in the making with infrastructure, staff, rigs and access to develop  
    Sprott Equity Research | ‘Best in class’ engineering firm appointed to lead DFS; Ausenco leveraging in-country expertise  
    Sprott Equity Research | Centaurus Metals (CTM AU): 40m @ 1.2% shallow drilling, plus A$75m equity for 14 rigs and year-end DFS at just 0.23xNAV  
    Argonaut Research | Leaps and Bounds  
    Canaccord Genuity | Resource increase to underpin larger scale operation  
    Sprott Equity Research | Centaurus Metals (CTM AU): MRE up 40% to 81Mt@1.0% NiEq, POX sees PT lift to A$2.50/sh as market asleep at the wheel  
    Euroz Hartleys | Updated Resource: Material Growth, More Open Pit = POX the Preferred Route  
    Sprott Equity Research | The Silver Bullet goes greenfield: first regional drilling hits 6m of sulphides 4km from mine area  
    Argonaut Research | Sulphate option adds more bite  
    Sprott Research | CO2 footprint puts Jaguar in top 3% of operating nickel mines, PT lifted on ‘double premium’  
    Euroz Hartleys | Jun Q’ly FY’21 Report: POX the Preferred Route & Jambreiro to Realise Value?  
    Canaccord Genuity | Jaguar is purring, meow is the time to buy  
    Euroz Hartleys | Downstream Processing Realises Material Ni Value  
    Sprott Equity Research | Value add study shows great optionality (on increased profits) with strong financial metrics  
    Sprott Equity Research | Jaguar grows with blind discovery, pit extension and high-grade roots  
    Argonaut | Jaguar in the scope  
    Sprott Equity Research  
    Euroz Hartleys | Comprehensive Scoping Study Highlights Jaguar’s Potential  
    Argonaut Securities  
    Euroz Hartleys Securities  
    Sprott Equity Research  
    Argonaut Best Undeveloped Projects | Centaurus Metals - 'Sweet ride in a Jaguar'  
    Euroz Hartleys Securties: Exploration Success Continues at Jaguar Central  
    Sprott Equity Research:Jaguar is still growing  
    Sprott Equity Research  
    Spott Equity Research  
    Sprott Equity Research: Jaguar roars with maiden JORC: initiating coverage  
    Evolution Capital Advisors: Flash Note: Already the Second Largest Undeveloped Nickel Sulphide Resource (ranked by grade) Globally  
    Argonaut Securities: Outstanding Maiden JORC Resource  
    Euroz Research: Outstanding Maiden Jaguar Resource of 517kt @ 1.08% Ni  
    Euroz Research: Jaguar - A company maker?  
    MineLife Resource Bulletin  
    Sprott Capital Research  
    Argonaut Securities - Centaurus Metals Handed The Keys to a Jaguar  
    Terra Studio: New Exploration and Development Strategy for a Globally Significant Nickel Sulphide Camp  
    Tomorrow’s nickel producers set for bumper times in a post-corona EV world